already it has begun, of official way, the market of frigid signings in Spain. The clubs have opportunity to concretise signings, cessions or exits until 31 January to the 0:00 hours. For the FC Barcelona will be some weeks of a lot of work, put the Barcelona club needs, urgently, lighten his mass salarial to concretise the registration of Ferran Torres and, in case that it produce the traspaso, of Álvaro Morata ( in quality of lend ). The director of football culé, Mateu Alemany, stood out that “ more signings will depend on the exits, with Ferran did an exception because it was worthwhile. If we do more exits will decide. It is our plan ” .
In this sense, the Barça is forced to ‘resolve ‘ several keystone subjects, with the passing of players and the pending renewals. The case of Ousmane Dembélé is the one who more generates worry in the picture culé, put the prison term runs against and the economic requirements of the french are very above what the Barcelona could pay. It is a situation that begins to exasperate to the Barcelona directors and that, definitively, has to resolve what before was possible .
There is little optimism with the extension of the agreement, reason by which have begun to look for alternating roads. The Barça does not want to leave leave to Dembélé without leaving a euro in the arks of the club, by what, in case that it do not renew, will look for to achieve him an passing in the market of wintry signings. The newspaper ‘PLOUGH ‘ informed during this Sunday that the Catalans would be negotiating with the Manchester United a possible exchange between ‘Dembouz ‘ and Anthony Martial, of there that in FCBN ask us if you create possible that the operation can carry out during this windowpane of transfers :


It can produce an exchange between Dembélé and Anthony Martial in winter?

The Barça is ‘fed up ‘ of the situation of the french and have left a threat in the air if it follows giving long on his future. This Monday, Mateu Alemany aimed that “ there are contacts from five months ago with the surroundings of the football player. They know the position of the club, we want to that it remain and they know it, have an offer of renewal”, adding that “ it can not dilate much more, they know all the stages and are expecting a definite answer by his separate ” .
For the moment, the position of Dembélé has been very clear with the Barça and has explained his reasons for descartar a refilling in the conditions that the club has put on the postpone. The correct extreme understands that, if there is money for fichar to Ferran Torres ( that it will be his address contest in the proper extreme ) by 55 million euros, also has to have so that he have a better wage, but from the Camp Nou deny completely to improve the offer that had presented does a few weeks to Sissoko, his representative .

Martial, an opportunity for the Barça?

In the another expensive of the coin is Anthony Martial that asks to cries abandon the Manchester United, in front of the mistake of minutes and leadership that is having. This Sunday, his flight simulator Ralf Rangnick has spoken in this regard and stood out that “it left very clear that it wants to go and, somehow, can understand his decision, because it wants to treat to play with more regularity in another side ”, adding that “ this does not treat only of his wishes, but of which teams are interest in him, fulfilling with the demands of the golf club. We have to expect and see. At present, the player is not lesionado, so his absence ( in movement of the Burnley ) did not have to see with at all of this ” .