Manchester United vs. Liverpool: Bitter rivalry Michael Regan/Getty Images Manchester United v. Liverpool, the chancellor repair of the Premiership calendar and English football ’ s most cutthroat competition, is set to explode once again this Sunday at Old Trafford. The North West bowler hat is a conflict between England ’ s two biggest and most successful clubs, and it rarely fails to ignite the resource of football fans all over the earth.

The clubs share 67 major domestic trophies ; Liverpool have 18 League titles, seven FA Cups and eight League Cups, while Manchester United good edge the trophy draw with 19 League titles, 11 FA Cups and four League Cups. But it ‘s not only the medium of football that creates an intense competition between the two cities. There is an economic and cultural hostility that extends far beyond the 90 minutes of sporting battle that we will experience this weekend. The raw passion involved in a football pit between Manchester United and Liverpool is symbolic of over two centuries of inter-city competition, spanning all the way back to the click of the Industrial Revolution. Manchester ’ mho merchants, outraged by the gamey spell charges levied by the Port of Liverpool, built the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894 to bring bleak materials immediately to their cotton mills. This was a direct challenge to Liverpool ’ south position as the populace ’ south pre-eminent port, and Manchester pushed on to become the global hub of the fabric industry .Video Play Button

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economically and culturally, Manchester overtook Liverpool, and since then, the Merseyside city has never regained the advantage. The people of Liverpool have delivered the odd try fight-back. The emergence of the Beatles in the 1960s revitalised the decaying city, bringing it to the world ’ s attention once again. But Manchester retaliated with Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and Oasis. Liverpool dominated English football in the 1970s and 80s, leaving Manchester United in its shadow. Their persistent control returned 19 major domestic trophies in 17 years, and catching them looked unachievable.

however, that was until the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson—Manchester ’ s contemporary merchant. The great United director was determined to bypass Liverpool, fair as the transport canal had done over two centuries before. Throughout the nineties and noughties, Manchester United won 21 major domestic award in 18 years, culminating in the 19th league title in 2010-11, which ensured that United surpassed Liverpool as the most successful domestic football baseball club in history. Liverpool had been knocked off their perch. That said, Manchester United fans remain furiously covetous of Liverpool ’ s superior record in european contest. And Liverpool fans know it. It is no wonder the competition between them remains as uniquely intense as it did hundreds of years ago. The history sets the scene, explains the needle and helps one sympathize why both sets of fans take this simple game of football sol badly. So lease ’ s fast advancing to this Sunday ’ s latest installment of blood and thunder. Since the Premiership began in 1992, this repair has unsurprisingly seen 14 crimson cards, 58 yellow cards and much controversy. United has won 22 times compared to Liverpool ’ s 11. Eight have been draws. ( via ) Manchester United took the three points in the invert fastness back in September. Goals from Rafael and Robin van Persie secured a 1-2 victory, which was United ’ s beginning at Anfield since 2007. Since then, a 21-point col has opened up between the two clubs, with league-leaders United looking down their noses at an eighth-placed Liverpool. Manchester United has been scoring freely, bagging 54 goals in 21 league games. Liverpool is way behind with 34. even United ’ s particularly leaky defense has only conceded two more goals than Liverpool. Everything points towards Manchester United continuing its domination.

One thing is for surely : the stage is set for passion, envy and vitriol to spill over once again and deliver another classic meet filled with electrifying tension and eminent drama. Is Manchester United ’ s competition with Liverpool the most bitter ? Give me your thoughts below or hit me up on Twitter @ jonathanbeever .