Have you completed your evaluation of your players? Yes I think so. not I think, I ‘m certain 100 per penny. I made the evaluation after two months of exploit with my players. For sure now the site is more clear than earlier. Will you now have a meeting with Fabio Paratici and Daniel Levy about who you want to sign and sell? I am waiting to have a confluence with the club and then besides to give my public opinion about the squad and what I think about our situation. For sure I am waiting for a touch.

How do you expect your players to respond against Watford? My anticipation is that this is the first crippled of the newfangled class but my expectation is always the like, to play a very good game then try to get the three points. My arithmetic mean is this. We know very well it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be easy. Watford will want to do the like but we have to think to ourselves to try to continue to improve crippled by bet on and to be good. To be better in many aspects that we ’ ra working on. Is their significance to this game with the matches ahead? The most crucial thing for us is the three points. then to think excessively a lot about what will happen is not good for us. We have to go footfall by step, game by game. We know we need to improve in many aspects if we want to be competitive. In this moment, we have a long distance from the top four. What is the latest team news? Will Harry Kane start again? Harry is in good human body and you can see that he ’ sulfur playing identical well. He ’ second available to play against Watford. besides because we had three to four days after the last crippled against Southampton therefore for this reason there ’ s time to recover, perch, have a discipline session and be quick to play against Watford. Who are the top four favourites? Arsenal, Spurs, United, West Ham? I don ’ t know which is the favorite. For certain, on paper there are four very hard teams with adept squads, authoritative squads. City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool. I think these are the four exceed teams that have to fail [ for us ] to find a place in Champions League. You have to be very, very good because there ’ sulfur besides Arsenal, West Ham, Leicester and Everton – many, many good teams. You have to hope the others fail and you ’ re dear and over-perform 200 percentage. Do you believe you need to add players in the January transfer window to challenge for the top four? For sure. After only two weeks, I said we need to improve the quality of the squad and for certain we need to improve the timbre of this police squad. I was indisputable after seven days, ten days, two weeks about this. then I made evaluations to understand which players I could count on and which players I can ’ metric ton.

For certain, the team needs to improve quality but in an significant way. Before we think about a space in the UEFA or Conference League because in this League the level is very high. now we ’ re in the center and we have to think to build something authoritative. For this reason, I ask for solitaire and time because now the col is very big and we need to work a distribute, and besides to try to build. And besides improve the quality of the team .

Antonio Conte has called on Tottenham to make new signings in the January transfer window
Is the standard of officiating poor? For sure, in England the referees whistle less than Italy, for example. I think during the game they are thoroughly because sometimes there are mistakes on one side or the other side. I think they have paid more attention with the VAR. Because if you have a monitor to see the situation, then you can make mistakes. It ’ randomness very difficult but besides in Italy. now if you have the VAR and monitor to see very well what happens then it ’ second identical unmanageable to accept mistakes under this aspect. then as I said after the game against Southampton, we have to have faith in referees and the VAR. It ’ s easier to accept a error from the referee than VAR. What is Tanguy Ndombele’s role in your plans? He is a midfielder. I think… he is a midfielder. One month ago, you said he needed to be more of a team player, is he starting to understand that better? But I pay the like attention for all of my players. In every one session, I pay big attention to every single player. My concentration is not merely for 12 or 13 or 14 players, for the whole police squad. And then, there are players that understand before, players that they understand very well. early players, that they need more time, or could be [ find it ] unmanageable to understand some situations.

Has there been any progress on a new deal for Hugo Lloris with him able to talk to foreign clubs from Saturday? Hugo is a actor, is a Tottenham captain, is the captain. For surely, he will talk with the club, to try to find a solution. Are you confident that he wants to stay? I think so, I think so. I think Hugo wants to stay in this club, he loves this club, he stays well in Tottenham. I think this could be his opinion. Last summer Ndombele wanted to leave, is there a chance he will leave in January?

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I repeat before to speak about transfer marketplace, about this topic. I think that it ’ mho better for me and the club to speak together. And then we will have the situation more clean than nowadays. nowadays, to speak about players that they can come, or to go, I think is not right, and is not honest. Harry Winks is playing well though in the midfield? Winksy is playing well and Winks has showed to be a reliable musician. And for this rationality, Winksy will stay here. I find players that are reliable, and then I can count on them and Winksy showed me that I can count on him .