Four years ago, brazilian football cabaret Chapecoense saw about their stallion team wiped out in a annihilating plane clang near Medellin in Colombia .
Of the 77 people on board LaMia Flight 2933, including the team ‘s players, coaching staff, journalists and flight gang, there was entirely six survivors .
Among the survivors, which included two passengers and a flight attendant, were three Chapecoense players – Alan Ruschel, Neto and Jakson Follman .
nineteen Chapecoense players died in the incident and about all of the first team and managerial staff were besides lost.

Despite the incredible end caused to the club and the inevitable spiral it caused, Chapecoense returned to Brazil ‘s Serie A on Tuesday after a 12-month absence in an extraordinary read of liveliness .
When the plane crash occurred, Chapecoense were on the rise as a football club – with their sentence trajectory taking them to the Copa Sudamericana first leg against Atletico National – a title they were retrospectively awarded in respect following the disaster .
During the 2017 Brazil Serie A campaign, with a team built up of loanword players, detached signings and promoted youth players, Chapecoense finished in eighth position – an extraordinary accomplishment after what the club had been through .
sadly, the magnitude of the disaster finally took its bell on Chapecoense as the baseball club struggled to a 14th-place polish in 2018 before being relegated to Brazil ‘s Serie B at the end of the 2019 season .
Chapecoense ‘s reelect campaign in Brazil ‘s 2020 Serie B was supposed to start in May – but with the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the south american nation, the season ‘s begin was put back until August.

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Led by club captain Ruschel – the entirely survivor of the plane barge in to still play professionally, Chapecoense embarked on a mission to return to Brazil ‘s top flight straight away .
Despite being hit by the death of their golf club president Paulo Magro from COVID-19 in December, the Big Green powered through the season to be top of the table for significant chunks of it .
And on Tuesday, Chapecoense ‘s tax return to Brazil ‘s Serie A was confirmed – with four games to spare – after a 2-1 victory against Figueirense .
A club statement from Chapecoense following their accomplishment reflected the emotional journey the club has been on over the last four years .
“ It was not easy to get hera. It was much tougher than we imagined, in fact. But with work, humility, commitment, oneness and, above all, with the STRENGTH FROM ABOVE, Chapecoense kept its promise. Chapecoense – made for the people, by the people – returned to the place it should never have left, ” the statement read.

“ It is Chape, of the impossible, of the surprising, of resilience and get the better of, again among giants .
“ You can celebrate, fan. You can celebrate, president of the united states ! With 66 points and four games left we have stamped our pass. Our return key ticket. The begin of another great story. ”
In an extraordinary travel, Chapecoense have taken flight once again in a fib which shows the incredible resilience and spirit that can be developed despite such devastation .