The new album CHANGE IS GRADUAL is out NOW as a CD and DIGITAL -formats. 18 songs, 80 minutes of music.

Take Me To Your Leader

The official musicvideo for Take Me To Your Leader, taken from the album Change Is Gradual

Take Me To Your Leader (edit) from Processory on Vimeo.

Change Is Gradual

Processory. Change Is Gradual.

The one-man musical institution known as Jori Hulkkonen, together with long time friend and frequent collaborator Jerry Valuri form Processory.
Their selftitled debut album in 2007 was a slight departure from the more club-oriented sound usually associated with Hulkkonen, who apart from his extensive back catalogue as an artists/remixer has also gained quite a name as a producer for artists such as Tiga or Villa Nah.

On their second album, "Change Is Gradual", Processory refuse to mimic the sound of their debut. The new direction is a more synthetic one, complete with lo-fi aesthethics and transhumanistic themes. Whereas on the debut album the roles were divided into vocalist/lyricist vs producer/synth-guy, this time around the collaboration is more complex and profound: the album boasts lyrical, vocal, musical and productional input from both members, bringing more depth and versatility to the record.

The album will be released on Sugarcane Recordings May 31st.